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Cachoeira das Andorinhas
Cachoeira das AndorinhasFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Cachoeira das Andorinhas
Cachoeira do Sol
Fonte Bom Jesus
Fazenda Salmo Xxiii
Santuário do Senhor Bom Jesus
Portal de Monte Alegre do Sul
Fonte Caetano Sérgio Manfrini
Fazenda Salmo Xxiii

Monte Alegre do Sul - In 1887, it became a village, named as Bom Jesus de Monte Alegre, in honor of the patron and the topography of the region. Because of the existence of namesake locations, Monte Alegre was called IBIT, and in 1948 was renamed as Monte Alegre do Sul, in 1978 was transformed into a resort and in 1986 consider a hydro mineral town.

Tourist attractions: River Rafting in Camanducaia, stills, public bathing area and Espaco da Fonte.

Belongs to the Águas Paulista circuit.

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