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Bica D´Água
Bica D´ÁguaFoto: Juliana Branco
Bica D´Água
Bica D´Água
Casarões da Praça
Fundação Cultural
Igreja Santo Antônio de Paraibuna

Paraibuna - The name comes from the word of Indian origin: pira-peixe, hib-água and uma-preta, hence just fish of black or dark water. The city grew around a river with this feature. In mid-seventeenth century, some men from São Paulo and Taubaté came down through river Paraitinga, stopping at the place where such river meets another one, named Paraibuna. In 1832, Paraibuna became a village and in 1857, a city and county. Since then it has had moments of financial rise and decline passing through the period of coffee, milk, agriculture, and today, with the tourism industry - like when it began its story.

Tourist attractions: Paraibuna dam, bica d’água, Fundão, Morro do Remédio, Cultural Foundation and houses of the square.

Belongs to the Cultura Caipira circuit.

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