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Igreja Imaculada Conceição
Igreja Imaculada ConceiçãoFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Igreja Imaculada Conceição
Rio de Piracicaba
Rio de Piracicaba
Rio de Piracicaba
Ponte Pênsil de Piracicaba
Engenho Central
Casa do Povoador

Piracicaba - The name means ‘the place where the fish is located’. It was founded in 1767. In July 1784, the district was changed from the right bank of the Piracicaba river to the left margin. In 1797, the demarcation of land between Itu and Porto Feliz passed through the fall of Piracicaba river, so that Piracicaba was divided into two parts - one belonging to the town of Itu and the other to Porto Feliz. In 1821, became a village Nova Constituição, in honor of the Portuguese Constitution, enacted that year. The installation of the municipality was in 1822. In 1877, returned to the oldest and most popular name, Piracicaba.

Tourist attractions: Martha Watts Cultural Center and Museum Jair de Araújo Lopes, architectural complex and pedestrian walk of Rua do Porto, Engenho Central woods, forest, Tanquã district, zoo, parks, hot air ballooning and boat.

Belongs to two circuits: Ciência e Tecnologia and Caminho do Sol.

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