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Estação Cultura
Estação CulturaFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Estação Cultura
Cit - Centro Integrado de Turismo
Palacete da Família Pinhal
Monumento a Maurren Maggi
Escola Estadual Álvaro Guião
Teatro Municipal de São Carlos
Câmara Municipal de São Carlos
Escola Paulino Carlos

São Carlos - São Carlos do Pinhal initially started with the clearing of the backlands of Araraquara. The creation of a chapel dedicated to the saint started the city. The region began to be populated in the late eighteenth century, with the opening of a trail leading to the gold mines of Cuiabá and Goiás. Became a village in 1865 and a city in 1880. Between 1831 and 1857, pioneering coffee farms are formed. In the last decades of the nineteenth century German immigrants arrived. From Italy, immigrants came to work on coffee plantations and also in the manufacture and trade. Farmers invested in setting up several businesses, strengthening urban infrastructure and creating conditions for industrialization. Factories represent the local economy in the 30’s. Industry solidifies in the 50's and 60’s.

Tourist attractions: Casa Euclides da Cunha, São Carlos Museum, Municipal Theatre, Locomotive Praça Brazil, squares, palaces, churches, parks and eco resort.

Belongs to the three: Chapada Guarani, Fazendas Históricas Paulistas and Caminho da Fé.

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