São João da Boa Vista

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Estação Cultura
Estação CulturaFoto: Juliana Branco
Estação Cultura
Cristo Redentor
Comunidade Terapêutica Santo Antonio
Comunidade Terapêutica Santo Antonio
Teatro Municipal
Grupo Escolar

São João da Boa Vista - Founded in 1824, the eve of the day they celebrated the cult of the saint, giving rise to the name of the city. Became a municipality in April 1880, comprising the towns of Aguaí, Águas da Prata and Vargem Grande do Sul – later they also emancipated. Around 25 coffee machines, 30 sugar mills, several sawmills and brickyards existed in São João in 1889. The farming sector has always been a great success due to its fertile soil, abundant water and moderate climate. The area was slowly developing as a center of activities to meet the diverse needs and marketing of products originated in the region.

Tourist attractions: Farm Recanto, Pico do Gavião, Forest Reserve Água da Prata, Municipal Theater, Cultural Center Pagu and churches.

Belongs to the Religioso circuit.

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