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São José do Barreiro - Since the seventeenth century, drovers from Minas Gerais crossed the tracks in the region. When it rained, the dirt roads turned into quagmires, which explains the "Barreiro". São José is a reference to a chapel in honor of the saint. In 1842, the name was São José do Barreiro, which was simplified to Barreiro in 1938 and again to São José do Barreiro in 1953. From that time on, the development process began and reached its peak with the coffee culture, promoting the creation of the village in 1859. Became a city in 1885.

Tourist attractions: Trilha do Ouro, waterfalls and Peaks Tira Chapéu and Bacia.

Belongs to the: Vale Histórico, Rota da Liberdade and Estrada Real.

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