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São Luiz do Paraitinga - In 1769, the village began to appear near the river Paratinga and, by order of the Captain-General Dom Luiz Antônio de Souza Botelho Mourão, was named São Luiz. It is believed that the name was homage to the saint and to the founder himself. Paraitinga is a Tupi term, "parahy-tinga," which means river of clear water, so named by the Indians who made up the first expeditions to the river. Founded in 1769, became a village and council seat in 1773. Became a city in 1857 and it was declared as a tourist resort in 2002. In 1873, it received the title of Imperial City, given by D. Pedro II of Brazil.

Atrações turísticas: State Park of Serra do Mar - Santa Virginia Nucleus, Paraibuna River, Sete Cachoeiras Trail and historical heritage.

Belongs to the three: Rota da Liberdade, Cultura Caipira and Estrada Real.

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