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Praia de Boraceia
Praia de BoraceiaFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Praia de Boraceia
Praia da Barra do Sahy
Praia de Barra do Una
Praia de Boiçucanga
Praia de Camburi e Camburizinho
Praia de Juqhehy
Praia da Jureia
Praia do Engenho

São Sebastião - The city was discovered in 1502, when navigator Américo Vespúcio used to travel to mark and baptize the locations of the Brazilian coast. It was January 20 of that year, day of São Sebastião, when his expedition came along and he baptizes it in homage to the saint. The real discovery of São Sebastião as a tourist destination occurs after the opening of the Rio-Santos Highway in the late 70's, giving the city another opportunity for development, now based on tourism. In a controlled and ecological manner, tourism is now assumed by locals as a way to move its economy.

Tourist attractions: Atlantic Forest Reserve, São Francisco Archaeological Site, Camburi waterfall, museum of sacred art and beaches.

Belongs to two circuis: Litoral Norte Paulista and Rota da Liberdade.

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