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Sumaré - Its name refers to the species of orchids known as Sumaré (Liptopodiu Giutiniferum-Baddi), which were very common in the region. In the nineteenth century Campinas was the richest city of Brazil. Passing through the valley of the Quilombo creek, the railroad founded Sumaré: it was first a station, then a settlement called Rebouças, and in 1944, Sumaré. After 1875 the first houses were organized around the train station, then came the first streets and the first urban facilities. Until the 50s, Sumaré was just a shy rural district. Today is the second largest population among the nineteen cities in the metropolitan region of Campinas.

Tourist attractions: Paraíso das Águas, Marcelo Pedroni dam, Sertãozinho Mansion, Igreja Matriz de Sant'Ana and Cristo.

Belongs to the Ciência e Tecnologia circuit.

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