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Cachoeira do Ipiranguinha
Cachoeira do IpiranguinhaFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Cachoeira do Ipiranguinha
Praia da Enseada
Praia de Iperoig
Praia de Itaguá
Praia de Itamambuca
Praia Brava da Fortaleza
Praia da Fortaleza
Praia do Félix

Ubatuba - The name was given by Tamoios Indians who inhabited the region. The name derives from "Ybá-tiba" - plenty of wild cane used for making arrows. Throughout the nineteenth century, Ubatuba was a wealthy city, thanks to the port activity. In 1855, the city went from village to county. Today, Ubatuba recovers its past in the Caiçara culture, in the streets, at parties of Portuguese origin and historical buildings, revealing its potential as a seaside resort for tourism.

Attractions: Beaches, Água Branca Waterfall, State Park of Serra do Mar, Picinguaba Center, Tamar, and Ilha Anchieta aquarium.

Belongs to two circuits: the North Coast of São Paulo and Route of Liberty.

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