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Festa da Uva
Festa da UvaFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Festa da Uva
Cristo Redentor de Vinhedo
Casa Siloé
Área Verde
Canteiro de Flores
Mosteiro São Bento
Museu da Imigração Italiana
Festa da Uva

Vinhedo - The name was chosen to honor the city's main crop - the grape. Vinhedo arose at the time of the gold cycle, around 1615 and 1620. And the place was taking aspects of a village. In the mid-nineteenth century, in the final decades of slavery, the most significant quilombo of the Province of São Paulo was formed: the Quilombo of Rocinha. The name Rocinha is a reference to a plantation where travelers would pass by. In 1908, the District of Peace of Rocinha was created, in Jundiaí. In 1840, the town of Rocinha was born. Until then, the little village was named waterfall, it was part of a large coffee plantation with this name.

Tourist attractions: Hopi Hari, Wet 'n Wild, Premium Outlet, Saint Benedict Monastery, Municipal Theatre, and Church of Sant’Ana.

It belongs to the Circuit of the Fruit.

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