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Arte Religiosa
Arte ReligiosaFoto: Cleber Fontoura
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Arte Religiosa
Catedral Sagrado Coração de Jesus
Teatro Municipal de Assis
Parque Buracão
Parque Buracão
Estação Parada das Artes
Casa de Taipa
Estação Ecológica

Assis - Name is a tribute to one of the pioneers in the conquest of the region of Paranapanema, Captain Francisco of Assis Nogueira. He donated 80 acres to the Church in 1905. In the area came the town of Assis. In 1914, the tracks of the railroad Sorocabana arrived in Assis, bypassing the urban center to the station, near which the best residential and commercial houses, and hotels were built. In November the following year it was elevated to District of Peace, two years after became a municipality. The progress was so intense that the chomarc was moved from Campos Novos de Paranapanema to Assis.

Attractions: Woods, churches and museums.

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