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Eclusa de Barra Bonita
Eclusa de Barra BonitaFoto: Pierre Duarte
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Eclusa de Barra Bonita
Porto de Barra Bonita
Eclusa de Barra Bonita
Calçadão Beira Rio
Ponte Campos Salles
Ponte Campos Salles
Aves Nativas
Memorial do Tietê

Barra Bonita - The origin of the name comes from the beautiful stream, an affluent of the Tietê, which crosses the city and where there was a small port, called stripe, much used by the pioneers who sailed on the Tietê River. Parallel to the planting of coffee came the first potteries, forming a solid source of income for the village. The development of the town (created in 1906) occurred only in the 40s, including the culture of sugar cane, which allowed a great demand for labor.

Tourist attractions: Boat tours, sluice, Barra’s marine, memorial of Tietê River and Tourist Park “Waldemar Lopes Ferraz”.

Belongs to the Caminhos do Tietê circuit..

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