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Catedral de Sant’Anna
Catedral de Sant’AnnaFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Catedral de Sant’Anna
Fazenda Lageado
Cachoeira da Marta
Parque Natural da Cachoeira Da Marta
Igreja São José
Escola Estadual Dr. Cardoso De Almeida
Colégio Arquidiocesano La Salle
Teatro Municipal de Botucatu Para Todos

Botucatu - The name Ybytu-Katu, in 1720, was given to certain lands (allotments) in the interior of São Paulo. The meaning of this Tupi name is "good air". The first signs of growth came in 1830 when farmers decided to climb the Cuesta and populate the land still uninhabited. Today, Botucatu is proud of its industrial park, trade, education and cultural structure. The region's natural values are preserved and the city enjoys one of the highest developments of the country.

Tourist attractions: Cuesta of Botucatu, craft fairs and cooking of Cuesta, churches, museums, parks and waterfalls.

Belongs to the Polo Cuesta circuit..

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