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Brotas, Turismo de Aventura
Brotas, Turismo de AventuraFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Brotas, Turismo de Aventura
Parque dos Saltos
Igreja de Santa Cruz
Rio Jacaré-Pepira (Rafting)
Rio Jacaré-Pepira (Rafting)
Rio Jacaré-Pepira
Vale Rio Jacaré
Cachoeira da Roseira

Brotas - Brotas has always been linked to its rural production and agricultural economy. Its heyday occurred in the early nineteenth century with the culture of coffee. Until today, Brotas maintains the preservation of natural resources, because it retains a large proportion of native forest (cerrado and Atlantic forest), harboring a considerable plant and animal biodiversity. Its natural resources, coupled with the increase of tourism products and services, make the region a national reference for nature and adventure tourism, ecotourism and rural tourism.

Tourist attractions: Parque dos Saltos (park), river Jacaré Pepira, areia que canta (sand that sings), Centro de Estudos do Universo (center of studies of the universe) and Ecoparque (ecopark).

Belongs to the Chapada Guarani circuit..

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