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Plantações Frutíferas
Plantações FrutíferasFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Plantações Frutíferas
Catedral Metropolitana de Campinas
Igreja Nossa Senhora das Dores
Igreja São Benedito
Santuário Santo Antônio
Estação Anhumas
Torre do Castelo
Jóquei Clube Campineiro

Campinas - It was named after the pioneers who rested there. There were three small pieces of land in the region, which explains the name. In the framework of its colonial formation, it appeared in the first half of the eighteenth century as a rural district of Vila Jundiaí. In the second half of the eighteenth century, another dynamic economic and social policy in the region was taking shape. Coffee plantations were born inside cane farms, quickly driving to a new development cycle. With the crisis of coffee, Campinas focused on industrial and service sectors. It began to concentrate a more populated area, made up of migrants and immigrants from various regions.

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