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Centro de Capivari
Centro de CapivariFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Centro de Capivari
Maria Fumaça
Auditório Claúdio Santoro
Centro de Capivari
Estrada de Ferro Campos do Jordão
Maria Fumaça

Campos do Jordão - The name is derived from Brigadeiro Manuel Rodrigues Jordão, who acquired the lands, which were called "The Fields". The fame of the climate and its benefits, especially in the treatment of lung diseases, were known since the beginning and until the 1940s the city was destination of those seeking to regain their health. In 1957, it was recognized as the "best climate in the world" at the Climatological Congress, held in Paris. It has, among other titles, that of "Brazilian Switzerland". Since the 1940s, the climate, beautiful scenery and tranquility began to attract other type of public and the city was discovered for tourism, its natural vocation.

Tourist attractions: Boa Vista Palace, railway, Claudio Santoro Auditorium, Chocolates Araucária, Felícia Leirner Museum, Elephant Hill, Crioulos Cave, forest, Bosque do Silêncio, Cerejeiras Park, Borboletário Flowers that Fly, Ducha de Prata, Amantikir Garden, gardens that speak and Pico Itapeva.

Part of two circuits: Mantiqueira and Caminho da Fé.

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