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Igreja Matriz de São João Batista
Igreja Matriz de São João BatistaFoto: Vinícius Fonseca
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Igreja Matriz de São João Batista
Calçadão de Cananéia
Parque Estadual Núcleo do Perequê
Cananéia (Centro Histórico)
Praça Theodolina Gomes (Tiduca)
Morro São João
Cananéia (Centro Histórico)
Portal de Cananéia

Cananeia - There are two versions of the name of the city that emerged in the early seventeenth century, with the biblical name of São João Batista de Cananea. It comes from "Canahan," the promised land or, according to a local legend, the name comes from the Caniné, a native Indian woman who fell in love with a Portuguese colonizer. Until the mid-eighteenth century, the cananeenses limited to fishing and planting crops for their livelihood, growing rice, sugar cane and cassava. In the early nineteenth century there was an encouragement to the manufacture of ‘war flour’, which served as food to troops in the South. Fishing also became the primary economic activity and the greatest source of wealth for its inhabitants.

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