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Praia do Centro
Praia do CentroFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Praia do Centro
Praia Martin de Sá
Praia Mococa
Praia das Palmeiras
Praia Tabatinga
Praia Tabatinga (Borboleta)
Morro de Santo Antônio

Caraguatatuba - The city’s name has two versions. The first related to bromeliads (Caraguatá) very common in the region. Another possibility may be from curaá guatatibo, or bay with ups and downs. In the 1940s, some families arrived to enjoy its beaches during holiday periods in June. In the 1950s, the number of tourists increased and tourism in the region began to develop. From that period, a rapid population growth began in the municipality.

Atrações turísticas: Beaches, Mussels Farm, Tamanduá Island, Blue Lagoon, Santo Antônio Hill and Serra do Mar State Park - Caraguatatuba center.

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