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Templo Zu Lai
Templo Zu LaiFoto: Miguel Schincariol
Templo Zu Lai
Templo Zu Lai

Cotia - Its name is a reference to the mammal that existed in abundance in the region. The foundation of the Agricultural Cooperative of Cotia (CAC) nationally consolidated the local agricultural production in 1927. The region was taken by leisure farms in the 70s, despite the increase of agricultural production, with frigorific industries installed in the region. Industrialization arose from 1980, bringing residential condos and commercial diversification. The 90s decade marked the entry of companies providing industrial services.

Tourist attractions: Temples Zu Lai and Odsal Ling, Matriz Church, Mandu small farm or Casa do Bandeirista, the parish of Santo Antônio, pet zoo, Bichomania, Cia dos Bichos, City of Bees and Roselândia.

Belongs to two circuits: Itupararanga and Taipa de Pilão.

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