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Cruzeiro - Its name refers to a landmark, cross-shaped and built in the mountains between Minas Gerais and São Paulo. The city has a history different from others in the region, since, while the Vale do Paraíba developed through the cycles of gold and coffee - and their cities grew in rural societies, Cruzeiro has progressed through the advent of the railroad and was based, since its emergence, in an urban society. Thus, as a point of confidence by some and a goal to be achieved by others, the city of Cruzeiro deserves its mark in the history of the revolution of 1932.

Tourist attractions: mountains, particularly the Marins, municipal woodland, Cantagalo, caves Reino Encantado, Santa Belvedere, waterfalls Três Quedas e Véu da Noiva, Garganta do Embaú.

Belongs to two circuits: Rota da Liberdade and Estrada Real.

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