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Cubatão - Cubatão was the dwelling place of blacks in the region. The name, adapted, was adopted by the city. Its history dates back to the sixteenth century. As the transportation of goods and people passed by Serra Cubatão, improvements were much needed. The construction of the landfill is completed in 1827, linking Cubatão to the port of Santos. At that time, reached its highest development before industrialization began in the late nineteenth century. Its development has always been linked to improved access to the plateau. In 1841, the Maioridade road is built and in 1860, the railroad Santos-Jundiaí.

Tourist attractions: Several parks, river Casqueiro, Monument Pico da Serra, Belvedere Circular 45 km, Calçada do Lorena, Padrão do Lorena, Pontilhão da Raiz da Serra, Cruzeiro Quinhentista.

Belongs to the Costa da Mata Atlântica circuit.

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