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Portal de Entrada de Cunha
Portal de Entrada de CunhaFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Portal de Entrada de Cunha
Cachoeira do Desterro
Cachoeira do Pimenta
Casa do Artesão
Casa do Artesão
Estrada do Monjolo (Gavião)
Igreja do Rosário e São Benedito
Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Cunha - The settlement of the area occurred in the first half of the eighteenth century. The city was created in September 1785 by then Governor of the Province of São Paulo, Francisco da Cunha e Menezes, with the name of Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Cunha, to honor the politician. The pottery is there since the region was occupied by native indians of the Guarani ethnicity. The activity was continued by the ‘paneleiras’ (potters) who produced utilitarian pieces with rudimentary technique, burned in a furnace. In the late 80's, the local pottery begins to gain national visibility and the production became more systematic. This new configuration of organizational activity provided increasing flow of tourists in the city and encouraged the completion of the winter festivals.

Tourist attractions: handcraft ceramics, Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (park), Trilha do Ouro and Calçada do Ouro.

Part of three circuits: Caminhos da Liberdade, Estrada Real and Roteiro da Fé.

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