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Guaratinguetá, Terra de Frei Galvão
Guaratinguetá, Terra de Frei GalvãoFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Guaratinguetá, Terra de Frei Galvão
Frei Galvão
Casa de Frei Galvão
Gruta Nossa Senhora de Lourdes
Igreja de São Frei Galvão
Igreja de São Frei Galvão
São Frei Galvão
Casa de São Frei Galvão

Guaratinguetá - It owes its name to the original fauna of the region. In Tupi-Guarani it means land of white herons. Guaratinguetá stands out as one of the main towns of the captaincy in the Paraíba Valley, in the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century reaches its peak period of the coffee. In 1844 it gained city status. The development of tourism in Guaratinguetá has one of its anchors in religion. Tourism is also found in rural areas.

Tourist attractions: Casa de Frei Galvão, churches, museums, railway station, market hall and other historic buildings.

Part of four circuits: Religioso, Rota da Liberdade, Estrada Real and Roteiro da Fé.

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