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Acqua Mundo
Acqua MundoFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Acqua Mundo
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Acqua Mundo

Guarujá - The name Guarujá means Guarus nursery, which is a freshwater fish, or frogs' nursery. In the late nineteenth century, a group of businessmen believed in the tourist potential of the site and founded the resort of Guarujá. In addition to tourism, bananas and fishing were the main means of subsistence. The banana was so important, there was the election of Miss Banana. Between the 1970 and 1980, Guaruja grows wildly. The chaotic scenario leads to a profound crisis in the local economy, which loses tourists and investment to the North Coast and even to other cities of Santos. The second half of the 1990s sees a gradual recovery of the resort, with investments and even beneficial effects of dividing the total number of tourists to other regions. Gradually begins to develop business tourism and services, aiming to expand its economic base and become less dependent on seasonal tourism.

Tourist attractions: Serra do Guararú, hill of Campina, the lookout Sorocotuba, Island Arvoredo, Acqua Mundo, crafts, fortresses, the pavillion of steam locomotive, sambaqui, Ermida do Guaimbé, Armação das Baleias.

Belongs to the Costa da Mata Atlântica circuit.

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