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Basílica do Bom Senhor Jesus de Iguape
Basílica do Bom Senhor Jesus de IguapeFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Basílica do Bom Senhor Jesus de Iguape
Museu de Arte Sacra
Museu Histórico e Arqueológico
Centro Histórico
Praia do Leste
Centro Histórico
Praia da Juréia
Centro Histórico

Iguape - The first Iguapense center was first settled around 1537 in the estuary of the river that gave rise to its name, the Tupi language "ygya-pe", which means in the bay, referring to its location. The core has grown due to the discovery of gold washing in the region of the tributaries of the Ribeira do Iguape. In mid-seventeenth century, countless adventurers have flocked there. In the early eighteenth century, most mining activities declined and in late 1700, the weakening of the gold mining led to the closure of the existing smelter. With the increase of rice production, Iguape emerged in the nineteenth century, with direct participation in the regional economy.

Tourist attractions: Lagoon estuary, beaches, mirante do morro Espiá, Pedreira and Imperador trails, historic center, and Community Despraiado Caiçara Vila do Prelado.

Belongs to the Polo Lagamar circuit.

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