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Veleiros da Vila
Veleiros da VilaFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Veleiros da Vila
Cachoeira dos Três Tombos
Cachoeira da Água Branca
Cachoeira Chuveirinho
Praia de Castelhanos
Praia de Castelhanos
Praia de Castelhanos
Rio da Baía de Castelhanos

Ilhabela - In 1805 the village was named as Villa Bella da Princesa in honor of the Princess of Beira (region of Portugal). In 1938, the city became known as Formosa, because of its beauty. In 1944, when fixing the territorial division of the county, passed definitively to Ilhabela. With the improvement of roads linking São Jose dos Campos and Caraguatatuba, and between that city and São Sebastião, tourism began to gain economic importance in Ilhabela and region from the 1970s. Since the 1990s, the region's cities have experienced the greatest population growth in the state.

Tourist attractions: Historical center, beaches and waterfalls (Toca, Lage, Água Branca, Veloso).

Belongs to two circuits: Litoral Norte Paulista and Rota da Liberdade.

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