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Chacara do Rosário
Chacara do RosárioFoto: Rubens Chiri
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Chacara do Rosário
Chácara do Rosário
Praça da Independência
Prédio da Secretaria de Turismo, Lazer E Eventos
Praça Padre Miguel
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelária
Cidade da Criança
Cidade da Criança

Itu - At first, when it was called Utu-Guaçu, which means big waterfall, was due to a waterfall that is located today in the city of Salto. With a huge potential for tourism, thanks to its invaluable historical, cultural, religious, environmental and architectural heritage, Itu is also known as the "land of exaggeration" because of the late comedian from Itu, Francisco Flaviano de Almeida, or Simplício. Today the city has a mixed profile, combining tourism, trade, services and industries. In 2010, it celebrated 400 years. Itu was once the richest city in the state of São Paulo, it is famous for having hosted many coffee barons and senior officials in the country.

Tourist attractions: Historical center and churches, Park Varvito, Modelo Equestrian Centre, Park Estrada and Chocolate's Farm.

Belongs to four circuits: Fazendas Históricas Paulistas, Roteiro Caipira, Caminho do Sol and Roteiro dos Bandeirantes.

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