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Centro Cultural de Jaguariúna
Centro Cultural de JaguariúnaFoto: Miguel Schincariol
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Centro Cultural de Jaguariúna
Estação Ferroviária Jaguariúna
Pátio dos Trilhos
Matriz Centenária Santa Maria
Jaguariúna, Estrela da Mogiana
Centro Cultural de Jaguariúna
Maria Fumaça
Ponte Pedro Abrucêz

Jaguariúna - Name from tupi-guarani, which translates as: JAGUAR = oz, Y = water, river and UNA = black. Jaguariúna therefore means: Onça Preta River. The origin of Jaguariúna dates back to the old Goiases, when the farm Florianópolis was split up, transforming it into a colony that begun to host Italian and Portuguese immigrants. The neighborhood prospered and in 1953, the people received the welcome news the municipality of Jaguariúna was created, with demarcation of the boundary line and the dismemberment from Mogi Mirim.

Tourist attractions: Four parks: Santa Maria, Naga Cable, Luiz Barbosa and Lagos, the former station Mogiana Company and Municipal Public Library.

Belongs to two circuits: Águas Paulista and Ciência e Tecnologia circuit.

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