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Catedral De Nossa Senhora Da Piedade
Catedral De Nossa Senhora Da PiedadeFoto: Juliana Branco
Catedral De Nossa Senhora Da Piedade
Santuário Basílica De São Benedito
Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora Das Brotas
Solar Conde Moreira Lima

Lorena - The name is in honor of Captain General Bernardo José de Lorena, who elevated the status to village. The settlement came at the end of the seventeenth century. Initially known as the Sertão of Guaratinguetá, adopted the names Guaypacaré, Hepacaré and Nossa Senhora da Piedade, when it was elevated to a parish in 1718. During the coffee plantation of the Paraíba Valley, in the mid-nineteenth century, reached one of its most prosperous phases. With the decline of coffee, there was a heavy exodus of population. The resumption of progress began in 1925 with the arrival of families from Minas Gerais, transforming the old estates in farms. Years later, the implementation of Rod Pres. Dutra brought ndustrialization to the valley, being installed in Lorena, units of chemical, explosives and electrical conductors, among others.

Tourist attractions: Basilica São Benedito, Cathedral Nossa Senhora de Piedade, Church Nossa Senhora do Rosário and the railway station.

Belongs to four circuits: Religioso, Rota da Liberdade, Estrada Real and Roteiro da Fé.

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